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January 25, 2018

We are a bit tardy with our 2017 Update.  The reason being a long period of "stuff" going on and we needeed to  let some dust settle and we did not wish to have to do two separate communications.  We will attempt to combine the events, the progress, some questions that...

November 23, 2017

The Bonner County Commissioners are sending a “package” of information to Gov. Otter and our district’s legislative representatives for the purpose of requesting future funding of Priest Lake’s water management projects.  They felt that their request would be greatly e...

October 26, 2017

Priest Lake Study

I believe you will find this article interesting as it summarizes the recent study on Priest Lake water management.  One of the big reasons that sparked the deep study was the drought, two summers ago, that distressed the water flow downstream from P...

October 6, 2017

"Save The Thorofare"
Priest Lake Breakwater Committee update
October 2017

This report from the "Save The Thorofare" project and the Priest Lake Breakwater Committee is sent to our donors, supporters and other interested partie...

September 12, 2017

There will be, of September 22nd, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Priest Lake Elementary School, a public presentation of the findings and options resulting for the season long hydrology study to provide options for the question re: management of the lake levels and deteriorat...

September 8, 2017

Friday September 22nd - 2:00-5:00 pm
at: Priest Lake Elementary School
As you probably know, this entire season, Priest Lake and the Thorofare have been under an intense analysis to determine a wide range of options regarding question about lake water levels, the deter...

February 20, 2017

There have been some positive moves in the “Save the Thorofare for all” mission.

First, some recognition of the Priest Lake community’s strong support with their donations to the charitable fund “Save the Thorofare” that will play an important part of getting the job...

January 13, 2017

January 10, 2017.
The books  are closed on 2016.  For Priest Lake's "Save the Thorofare" mission it was an excellent year with many positive events as well as a stellar performance of the Priest Lake community and how it has responded to our pleas for donations to save...

November 7, 2016

BREAKWATER Update report. NOVEMBER 7th, 2016 UPDATE  

This update in the “Save the Thorofare”  is to communicate several very positive events taking place in the project to preserve access to our Upper Priest Lake by managing the repair or replacement of the breakwater...

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