We have received the following note from our Idaho State Senator Shawn Keough with regard to good news about the State of Idaho funding of water projects at Priest Lake. Hooray ! as it includes the rescue of the Thorofare with the “Save the Thorofare” project. Senator Keough has been a supporter of preventing the loss of access to the Upper Lake since the beginning and we appreciate her good works. You have to give a hand also to our Rep. Heather Scott and to Bonner County Director of Parks of Parks and Waterways, Steve Klatt. Hello Friends! I’m pleased to share this information with you! I was successful in securing some beginning funding for foundational work needed on two of our Priest Lake issues: maintenance & upkeep of the Outlet Bay Dam & accompanying lake level issues, and, solutions for the Thorofare. The Idaho Dept. of Water Resources Board, which includes our area member Dale Van Stone, has voted to provide up to $ 300,000 at this point to begin this work and will be coordinating with Steve Klatt at Bonner County and the Lakes Commission. Rep. Dixon and Rep. Scott have been involved in the funding discussions during this session. I’m pleased with this small step forward and will continue to work on this for our area. Sincerely, Shawn