PROGRESS REPORT - MAY 2016 and find and like us on Facebook - Thank you. There is a tremendous interest with regard to the repair/replacement, and rescue of the thorofare access to the Upper Lake. The Priest Lake individual and business community have responded generously with donations aimed specifically to be used to protect our ability to experience the treasure for all. Whether hiker, biker, paddler or powered....we intend to “Save the Thororfare". When it comes to any challenge regarding Priest Lake we are all invested to one degree or another in protecting this wonderful asset. Its very presence and its unusual magnetic offerings are obviously displayed when you realize the intense interest in property purchase as well as booking vacation stays. Our Bonner County Priest Lake Breakwater Advisory Committee met Wednesday past with Bonner County Director of Parks and Waterways, Steve Klatt to bring each other up to date on the need realign and dredge the thorofare approach channel to the Upper Lake. This aspect of the rescue has been supported by parties as an early step in the process. The actual repair and or replacement of the breakwater is under study by engineering entities to explore the methods, costs and levels of the work that needs to be done . THE GOOD NEWS ! Steve reported that Bonner County has submitted a grant request for $80,000 to the Water Resources Board for the purpose of dredging and realigning the approach channel which is now being choked by silt and sedimentation. The dredging permit anticipates a project budget of $110,000. The balance of the funds needed of $30,000 will come from Bonner County and $20,000 from our “Save the Thorofare” project fund with the “Priest Lake People Helping People,Inc. charitable organization. This funding to get things moving comes on top of the great news from Boise that the State will be allocating $300,000 for studies on how to proceed with both the breakwater fixes and the questions regarding questions about retention of additional water in the lake if there is a future impending drought. Pats on the back to our Senator Shawn Keough and Representative Heather Scott for their backing of the project. In the last few weeks there appeared to be a rumor circulating with regard to adjusting the summer level of Priest Lake by 6 inches. Our entire committee and Mr. Klatt could not come up with where this came from...except to say that there has not been a single suggestion of such an action anywhere in the question of mitigation of challenges that a future drought would bring. The 2016 PL Chamber of Commerce Visitors Guide has been published. If you had donated or, pledged to the fund by the end of February you or your organization will be recognized in the guide on page 16. And, finally, a big thanks to all who helped with their photos of shoreline points to help with the study of water levels. Breakwater Committee