October 24, 2016. Priest Lake Good news! We want to start this update with with some exceptional news in the "Save the Thorofare" donation progress. We send a great big THANK YOU to the Priest Lake National Forest Cabin Permittees for their generous donation made to our rescue mission. As you may know this association is made up of over 100 members who own their cabins on leased/U.S. Forest Service lands. It is not our practice to publish amounts donated by either individuals, businesses or organizations. However, it was a generous and welcome gift to help preserve access to our precious natural resource, the Upper Priest Lake. Of all the organizations in our lake community there is probably none that can match the numbers of trips up the Thorofare as a group and they demonstrated that by their welcomed contribution. Our "Save the Thorofare" project had a goal of $30,000 by the end of 2016 and this has put us over the top. As our Priest Lake summer evaporates into the Fall we leave a very successful period of time with the progress of the "Save the Thorofare" community efforts. Whether you are a business, association, resident, week-ender, or Snowbird, the support has been exciting to watch. We have been able to put up $20,000 of our donations to be matching funds to Bonner County and the Idaho Water Resources Board for a total $110,000 for the purpose of dredging and realigning the approach channel to the Thorofare, which will maintain access to the Upper Lake. The State of Idaho has appropriated funds for Priest Lake studies of its water resources covering both water storage for drought periods as well the challenge of not losing access to the Upper Lake. Steve Klatt, Director of the Bonner County Parks and Waterways reports that work is underway in obtaining, conferencing with and interviewing engineering firms that are interested in solving the failing breakwater structures. Below is quick note from Director Klatt on the phase of the project. "Proposals must be submitted by Oct. 14th and we will meet in Boise one week later to evaluate proposals and select firms for a formal interview. We should have completed the formal and legal process to bring a consultant on board during November and can then actually begin the study." Steve Klatt Director, Bonner County Parks & Waterways The Priest Lake community has verified the importance of the Upper Lake with generous and often repeated donations and pledges to our fund for helping the rescue. We were recently the beneficiary of a generous pledge from the "Smith-Barbieri Progressive Fund" which is a major charitable fund that does great works in Eastern Washington and Idaho. The Priest Lake Invitational Golf Tournament, picked the Thorofare rescue as its target for its annual community donation and we appreciate their generosity. In the mix of contributors we also were tapped on the shoulder by Jaz Malone! You might know her by the name of the Priest Lake "Hat Lady" and you might even have one of her annual calendars on your fridge. She has made the Thorofare the target for her generous annual charitable contribution created by her famous calendar published every Fall - so watch for it! The Bonner County Breakwater Committee would like to send a big thanks to all of you who have become a supporter of preserving the Upper Lake access for ALL to experience. Our North Idaho "package" of lakes, rivers, mountains and forests is rare, and with your help, we will keep it. The Breakwater Committee www.SaveTheThorofare.com www.Facebook.com/PriestLakeThorofare Stay tuned and give us a Like on Facebook to spread the word Thank you.