BREAKWATER Update report. NOVEMBER 7th, 2016 UPDATE

This update in the “Save the Thorofare” is to communicate several very positive events taking place in the project to preserve access to our Upper Priest Lake by managing the repair or replacement of the breakwater and establishing a stable channel approaching the thorofare.

First, we have had several very meaningful sized pledges and donations to our project’s fund. We do not disclose any individual donations and consider them confidential. Support from organizations, with their permission can be revealed , and, if the donation is a public record it can be used..

In October, after discussion at their August permittees meeting, the Board of the Priest Lake National Forest Cabin Permittees Association voted to donate on their behalf a donation of $3000. That association with over 100 members of Priest Lake cabin owners is a group that has long enjoyed the Upper Lake for generations and the proved it with their support. The Huckleberry Bay Company’s recent $2500 donation testifies to their commitment to rescuing access to the Upper Lake also.

Another organization, which is in a special place to observe the deterioration of the breakwater and its meandering channel, is the Sandpiper Shores Home Owner’s Association. For years they have watched boaters battle their way in the disappearing approach channel including having to exit the craft to push it from sandbars. Their pledge of $10,000 is an appreciated donation displaying a great community spirit for a worthy cause.

Another long time Priest Lake benefactor, the Huckleberry Bay Company demonstrated their recent support with a pledge of $2500. One of the Northwest’s most active charitable organizations, the Smith-Barbieri Progressive Fund, wanted to help our project and booked a pledge of $2000 to our efforts to rescue this natural resource.

Bonner County Director of Parks an Waterways, Steve Klatt has just returned from Boise where he was assisting with the evaluation of 5 proposals from consultants applying for the assignment of managing the Priest Lake Study. You will recall that the State allocated $300,000 earlier this year to conduct a lake study which will include the thorofare repair/replacement. Steve said that he will be returning to Boise in a few days to assist with interviews with a selected group of proposing consultants. The plan is that the interviews will produce a consultant with which the Idaho Water Resources can begin negotiations. Target is to have the consultant on board in December and the study officially underway in January.

NOTE: As reported last summer the “Save the Thorofare” project allocated $20,000 from our donation account to be matched with $90,000 from Bonner County Parks and Waterways and the Idaho Resource Board. This total of $110,000 is an estimated cost for realigning/dredging the meandering approach channel to the thorofare. This action is part of an overall plan to be developed through the process described above.

The feeling of the Priest Lake Breakwater Advisory Committee is that the progress that has been made in just the last 18 months of work has been excellent. Bonner County with its Parks and Waterways Dept. have made very positive progress as described earlier. Director Steve Klatt’s focused dedication,energy and experience has been a valued performance. We have had enthusiastic support from our State representatives, Shawn Keough and Heather Scott as proven by their backing the bucks for the Priest Lake study. Of all of these forward steps one of the most outstanding one has been the community support evidenced by the growing “Save the Thorofare” charitable giving account. With your donations we were able to get matching funds from other sources. If you are a watcher, what more could you ask? And, if you have questions, please - ASK

Breakwater Committee