January 10, 2017. The books are closed on 2016. For Priest Lake's "Save the Thorofare" mission it was an excellent year with many positive events as well as a stellar performance of the Priest Lake community and how it has responded to our pleas for donations to save the Upper Lake from being unable to be reached by ALL who wish to enjoy trip and the experience. Here is a review of "Save the Thorofare" highlights including some examples of support actions which we have permission to brag about.

As of January 10, 2017, our donations and pledges have totaled $48,308. This is $18,000 above what we were shooting for by the end of 2016. Our practice it to NOT report amount donated by supporters unless we have obtained permission from them to disclose the figure. Some of the notable donations during the year: Priest Lake National Forest Cabin Owners, $3000, Huckleberry Bay Company $2500, The Smith-Barbieri Progressive Fund $2000, Jaz Malone (The Hat Lady) $2000, and Priest Lake Sundance Resort $1400. Other organizations have also participated in rescuing access to the Upper Lake. We had help from the Huckleberry Bay Yoga Community with their $450 and the Priest Lake Yacht Club supported us with $500. Thanks to all !!!!

Earlier in the year our "Save the Thorofare" fund put up $20,000 to be matched with $90,000 from Bonner County and the Idaho Water Resource Board for the purpose of funding the dredging and realignment of the approach entrance to the thorofare. Target date depends on assembling the over all scope of the entire project that involves the repair/replacement of the crumbling breakwater, hiring a consultant to define the total project, finding all of the funding and selecting the construction assets through bids from firms able and cost efficient. There is not space available here to list all of the organizations, departments, governmental entities, committee upon committee, and opinion groups that all need to have fingerprints on this mission.

We are very fortunate to have great support from our governmental backing. Bonner County and the BC Parks and Recreation Department, led by Director Steve Klatt have been riding point in navigating the confusing landscape of entities. Our local state representation, Senator Shawn Keough and Representative Heather Scott are heroins in their support which saw the State of Idaho allocate $300,000 for an overall water resource study which includes funds focused on the project to prevent access to the Upper Priest Lake from being lost.

You can still help. As several others have, you can re-up with some support in 2017 or share this information with others who may have missed our media on the subject of "Saving the Thorofare". Donors are recognized on our media as supporters as well as in the Priest Lake Chamber of Commerce "Visitor's Guide". Many are watching -but we need check-writing too. Thank you all for your contributions and interest.

Priest Lake Breakwater Committee Bob Davis, Craig Hill, Kim Impecoven, Tyler Wilson, Eric Anderson, Ken Hagman, Randy Ramey, Fred Cox