There have been some positive moves in the “Save the Thorofare for all” mission.

First, some recognition of the Priest Lake community’s strong support with their donations to the charitable fund “Save the Thorofare” that will play an important part of getting the job of replacing or repairing the leaking breakwater structure and realigning the approach channel.

Individuals, businesses and organizations have now built our account to just a few dollars short of $50,000! We have agreed to offer $20,000 of that money as matching funds of $90,000 coming from Bonner County and Idaho Water Resources Board. That is good bang for our bucks. That fund will be for dredging that will have to be done as part of the rescue. You can see a list of the current supporters at: www.priestlakethorofare.com clicking on the “Supporters” window.

With regard to our fund, all donations are held in a segregated account with our Priest Lake People Helping People, Inc. Charitable fund. The fund’s expenses have been less than one half of one percent, and those are for media expenses and necessary accounting activity.

A number of our community supporters have made multiple donations and continue to do so as we enter our third year of seeking funds. Our very first donor was Feb 28th 2015 from a long time Priest Lake fan from Moscow, Id., Jodi Haire. She is the Coordinator for the Electronic Resources & Serials Dept. at the University of Idaho Library with 30 years of service. Thank you Jodi for your THIRD donation. Thank you all.

Progress report:

Steve Klatt, the Director of Bonner County’s Parks and Waterways Dept. reports that there is now a hydrology consultant on board and Bonner County, Idaho Water Resources and the consultant have developed and agreed upon the “Scope of Services”, and ID. Water Resources will be executing the contract very soon. With all of this in place the result will create a “Notice to Proceed” for the consultant.

“Save the Thorofare” project will be around for the duration of the rescue of the Upper Lake. After all the committees, (and more are coming), meetings, and notices Ad infinItum , we will stick on it and stay the course keeping you up to date. Don’t be bashful about sharing this we those who might add support. Donations: www.PriestLakeThorofare.com

Your Breakwater Committee

Ken Hagman, Randy Ramey, Fred Cox, Craig Hill, Tyler Wilson, Eric Anderson, Kim Impecoven and Bob Davis