There will be, of September 22nd, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Priest Lake Elementary School, a public presentation of the findings and options resulting for the season long hydrology study to provide options for the question re: management of the lake levels and deterioration of the the thorofare breakwater. More info on link at end of this update.

Short Financial Report:

Big thanks to the Priest Lake National Forest Cabin Owner’s Assoc. AGAIN for their $3000 supporting donation to aid in the project of rescuing the project to keep the Upper Lake accessible to ALL !...and not just to the hail and hardy bikers, hikers and paddlers.

We have, at this writing, $57,000 in cash and pledges in our project account. To remind you, the tax deductible donations are in a segregated (by donor) account with "Priest Lake People Helping People Charitable Fund". And, as promised to all, there will be no disbursements "Until we are digging dirt and pounding nails!" We have designated $20,000 already, matched by $90,000 from Bonner County and the Idaho Water Resources Board for dredging the thorofare entrance approach....when it happens. Our current expenditures from the fund are negligible. All personnel are volunteers except for minor accounting expenses and the cost of our websites and social media internet resources. Our expenses have been less than 1/2 of 1%.

DON'T GIVE UP !! This Update is going to the emails of:

1. All those who have donated/or pledged and provided their email address. 2. Those who have expressed interest in supporting the project but wanted to watch a while. 3. Our Breakwater Committee: Ken Hagman, Randy Raney, Kim Impecoven, Tyler Wilson, Eric Anderson, Bob Davis, Craig Hill, & Fred Cox. 4. Bonner County involved representatives 5. And a few who we think might not be checking the information available on line. So, if you know of such a person please forward this to them.

Our project continues and our funding success can play a heavy role when future governmental entities (at many levels) observe strong public support of our rescue mission. For those who have already given or pledged don't be shy about keeping us in mind again. We have a number of benefactors who have answered to the call 3 and 4 times. There have been Charitable organizations that have supported us and may again in the future. If you know of any people that you think might want to be a supporter we would be glad to invite them to explore our project, just reply to this email with the info for contacting them. For more information regarding the September Public Hearing at the Elementary School go to: Click on:

Your Breakwater Committee