"Save The Thorofare" Priest Lake Breakwater Committee update October 2017 PRIEST LAKE WATER MANAGEMENT STUDY REPORT This report from the "Save The Thorofare" project and the Priest Lake Breakwater Committee is sent to our donors, supporters and other interested parties. The season-long lake study by the Idaho Water Resource Board was held September 22nd at the Priest Lake Elementary School. The Board's public meeting was to present the findings and options for future lake waters management and for analysis of the options for preventing the loss of navigability and access to the Upper Priest Lake. As the meeting was scheduled after the high season there were many stakeholders with high interest that were not able to attend. The IWRB has posted its information on their website so those of you who were unable to attend the gathering can access the presentations. At the meeting, each presentation had a "live engineer" to explain and answer questions. Should you know of others that would be interested in this information please share. https://www.idwr.idaho.gov/IWRB/projects/priest-lake/ When you go to this site you will be at the source of a great deal of information. You will see the article: "PRIEST LAKE WATER MANAGEMENT STUDY" Under that you will see: Overview, FAQs, Map & Images, Meetings, Study Documents, Schedule, and Contacts. If you survey all of those links you will have seen just about everything that was at the public meeting and you will have a phone number you can call to get answers to questions you wish to ask. Should you wish to get more information or review the "Save the Thorofare" project you may do so at savethetorofare.com and facebook.com/priestlakethorofare. Thank You for your support and interest, Your Breakwater Committee