Priest Lake Study I believe you will find this article interesting as it summarizes the recent study on Priest Lake water management. One of the big reasons that sparked the deep study was the drought, two summers ago, that distressed the water flow downstream from PL Outlet Dam. Interestingly, there has not been such a serious similar event for 27 years. $5-million seems like a pretty tidy price tag for such a scarce event. I am attempting to find out how much of the 5 million dollar estimate is allocated to the Breakwater "Save the Thorofare" project and will get that to you as soon as possible. As reported earlier, the most recent estimate, made in 2010 was estimated between $864,000 and $1,000,800. As stated before....the Save The Thorofare fund is for the thorofare only, it's channel and breakwater and keeping access for all to the Upper Lake its sole objective. As promised your donations and pledges will not be disbursed until there is dredging and nails being pounded !! Fred Cox, Public Relations Breakwater Committee http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2017/oct/24/state-study-says-priest-lake-needs-5m-worth-of-wor/