The Bonner County Commissioners are sending a “package” of information to Gov. Otter and our district’s legislative representatives for the purpose of requesting future funding of Priest Lake’s water management projects. They felt that their request would be greatly enhanced if we could impress upon them how important it is to preserve access to the Upper Priest Lake for all to enjoy.

A significant part of Commissioners' package is specifically focused on the disintegrating Thorofare breakwater and maintenance of water levels. In attracting state funding it is important that we display the importance of access to the Upper Lake for our Priest Lake community, our tourists, resorts and recreational residents. The last three years of our “Save the Thorofare” fund raising has vividly shown that we consider it critical to preserve that unique natural resource. Hopefully this year we will be able to hit the $100,000 level that the Breakwater Committee aspired to when we started in Feb., 2015. We are close and if we can find another $30,000 by this time next year we will make a great impression of our commitment to the rescue.

A big pat on the back to those of all of you who have already donated or pledged. If there is any more room in your generosity we have some room for it in our account. If you have not yet gotten your name on the list of supporters, which is in the attachment above, please give it consideration, and hopefully you can hit the website and click on the “DONATE” link for your tax deductible check, Credit Card or PayPal support. CLICK HERE to view Package of Information (pdf)

Your Breakwater Committee