Senator Keough,

Priest Lake has a unique feature which we market nationally and brings over 30,000 visitors, guests, tourists and their children to Priest Lake annually...a navigatable waterway from civilization to the peace and calm of the North Idaho Wilderness. Nothing like this is found anywhere else in the Northwest.

For 28 years I have owned and operated Blue Diamond Marina and Resort on Cavanaugh Bay, Priest Lake. In addition to boat moorage, we also operate a large fleet of rental boats. My two pontoon boats travel through the navigatable Thorofare every day in July and August, taking lake visitors on an adventure into the Idaho Wilderness of Upper Priest Lake. Multiply this by 3 other rental agencies who also send their boats through the Thorofare daily; plus the hundreds of independent visitors and local residents who regularly experience this bit of "Heaven on Earth." Along with other locals, I have financially supported and watched the "bandaid" type series of repairs of the wooden breakwater at the mouth of the Thorofare.from Spring runoff damage and cautioned boaters about the shallow entrance. We need state funding for significant and permanent repairs.

I speak on behalf of the 60 boating families at Blue Diamond Marina plus the hundreds of boat rental families passing through my marina every summer; we encourage and support the special state funding proposal for immediate application to the Priest Lake Thorofare in order to preserve this unique experience for future generations,

And, Senator, we thank you for your continued support of Priest Lake.

Carolyn Deshler Blue Diamond Marina and Resort Priest Lake, Idaho