"Save the Thorofare" - Priest Lake Water Management Project - October 2018 update.

Phase 1 of the PLWMP ended July 1st with the completion of the Summer long feasibility study, public outreach, Priest Lake community financial support and getting legislative funding. We are well into Phase 2, which currently includes preliminary engineering design, regulatory permit submission, public involvement and Steering Committee meetings. Priest Lake representatives have a seat at the table for these meetings. The elements of Phase 2 are to be completed in early 2019.

Phase 3 will contain construction permit acquisition and final engineering design. Construction is planned for Fall/Winter 2020.

You can view a broad and detailed summary of the entire project clicking HERE

Thorofare improvements will include dredging to realign the access channel and alleviate vessel grounding. Also the deteriorating timber breakwater will be removed and replaced by a solid permanent structure such as steel sheet pile, stone or combination of both (yet to be determined in design phase). This will maintain a navigable passage to the Upper Lake.

The IDWR Board is committed to meaningful participation by all stakeholders in the decision making process. The public will have ongoing opportunities to respond and comment on any options that might develop. Public information meetings and presentations with one-on-one contact will continue throughout the project, as well as through the website .

Thank you for your support, and if you have not had a chance to donate we are still open for business and need your help (!!!). Just go to www.savethethorofare.com and hit the DONATE window. We still take checks, PayPal or Credit Cards.

And, to close on a great note, our "Save the Thorofare" rescue mission received a very meaningful donation to our goal from Priest Lake's Linger Longer community. Their donations of over $10,000 were added when a major portion of all of the owners stepped up to be part of the projects success - Thank You Linger Longer friends!


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