This could be the last summer update for progress on the "Save the Thorofare" Priest Lake community rescue project! Updates after this, hopefully, will be reports on the actual construction of a new breakwater and channel.

The engineering and design phase is virtually over, although projects such as this can always find unanticipated needs for adjustments. The current phase is the permitting phase, as mentioned in earlier updates. Project management is now going through a "quiet period" as it seeks permits from the myriad of agencies, governments, bureaus , committees, associations and various "stakeholders" in the project's construction. These permits must be obtained before the Request For Bids (RFB) can be sought from contractors who will be employed to perform the various construction requirements.

With the assumption that all will proceed as desired it is anticipated that replacing the collapsing breakwater could begin this coming Fall when the lake level is lowered. This brings the thought that this might be the last summer you have to take some pictures of the current breakwater that most of you reading this, contributed to for its disappearance!

Your Breakwater Committee