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The "Idaho Water Resources Board" has approved the funding for the design.

You may recall from the last update that we were in the "permitting phase" which entailed obtaining permits from a long list of departments and organizations that must approve all sorts of aspects of the project. The phase is known as "the quiet phase". Lots of paper work flying back and forth but critical to getting down to the hammer and nails stages. This is where the engineers begin to solidify construction designs of the chosen new Breakwater structures, the removal and disposing of the old one and the dredging of the new channel.

So far the good news is that all plans are gearing up to Save the Thorofare.

Construction beginning in the winter of 2020-2021!

The core of the permitting requirements are approved and remaining articles look positive.

Your writer does not have a construction engineer's vocabulary. However, this design phase is a critical one because it is the designs that are sent to the engineering companies that might wish to bid on contracts to do the work.

In Layman's terms, (mine) here is a small list of the things that are likely to be on the items list for various types of contractors:

1. Demolition of the old breakwater for disposal.

2. Disposal of the demolition material,locating,trucking, etc.

3. Obtaining construction materials for new breakwater - more trucking of tons of rock.

4. Constructing the breakwater.

5. Dredging the new Thorofare channel.

Thank you all for your support and your donations. The entire project has had its success because of your energetic support and your financial willingness to demonstrate the importance of maintaining access for all to our Upper Priest Lake.

We will keep you posted,

Fred and The Breakwater Committee