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We did it!

William Turner, Joe Rhodes, Ron and Mary Taylor, Bob and Amy Adams, Scott Axworthy, Fred and Pecky Cox, Fred (Fritz) and Karla Cox, Lana Cruse, Janet Davis, Roger Gregory, Frank and Barb O'Neill, Ken and Allison Hagman, Lois Hill, Doug and Veronica Tefft, Jodi Haire, Teri Hill, David Helsby, Keith & Heidi Kopf, Craig and Missy Hill, Jon Lehmann, Richard Lyman, Leo Malantis, Robert & Sandra Mansfield, Jamie McLean, Mike and Tracie Szybnski, Dick and Pam Hay, Frederick Becker Hay and Adam Martinez, Bill and  Tracy Olmo, Jay Pettapiece, Don C. Lind, Carolyn Becker Hay, Edward Naranjo, Bill and Cheryl Papesh, John and Lori Moloney, Valerie Peterson, George Manos, Alicia Barbieri, Kammy and Shyla Gail Cox, Amanda Peterson, Nancy Pool, David and Teri Pool, Alfred Roberg, Lowell and Kathleen Ruen, Mike and Carol Rydbom, Jim and Patricia Skiffington, Victoria Smith, Allan Songstad, Carrie Songstad, Jacqueline Songstad, Joel & Karen Spencer, Dyck & Nancy Stiles, Scott Strongin, Stephanie Swinehart, Rick and Margie Walther, Kristen Winn, William Wolf, Tom and Eileen Barbieri, Jane and Jim Brausen, Jeff and Kae Johnson, Sonja Rosenthal, Jaz Malone “The Hat Lady”, Jack and Irma Robinson,  Brent and Doni Anderson Guyer, Marie Duncan, Lisa Thaler, Matt and Joan Howarth, Michael Matthews, Kim and Margie Impecoven, Gail and James Stobie, Julie and Steve Rice, Richard Rogers, Donald Schultz, Ray Koefod, Randy and Lola Ramey, Danielle Baggaley,  James Perry, Scott and Vicki Jones, Empey and Willis Families, Bill and Tracy Olmo, Jay Pettapiece, Don C. Lind, John and Kirstin Greig, Tyler Wilson, Don and Kris Howell, Kirk Koefod, Dian Koefod, Pat and Marge Fairbanks, Mario Romero, Latendresse Family, Barry Bucher, Brian &  Lucy Gipstein, Jon & Sara Munro, Mark & Linda O'rourke, Nancy Dahlen, Jerry & Linda Klein, Al Pokorney,
Val Logsdon, Mark & Mary Ellen Phillips, Rich & Donna Naccarato, Mikell Fish, Andy & Sharon Larson, Bob & Jane Dickson, Angelo & Elisa Ferraro, Joe & Yvonne Mark, Jerry Schauble, Bob & Joe Eastman, Tom Shanks, Dan & Debbie Johnston, Paul & Joeleen Barker, Kelley Fox, Peter Mounsey, Michelle Mauzy, Daniela Najera, Larry Zentz Memorial, Dana & Kathie Zentz, Mary Cameron, Clyde, and Judy Burns, Robert and Mary Pierce, Kim Zentz, Brian and Maren Bofenkamp, Pete Forsyth and Kathryn Genteman, David and Nancy Holmes, Brenda and Richard Montz, Sandra Nolting, Ged Randall ..


Priest Lake Realty
Elkins Resort on Priest Lake
The Tamrak Shopping Center
Cavanaugh's Resort at Priest Lake
Priest Lake Marina
Ace Hardware Priest River
Blue Diamond Marina
Copper Bay Construction
Selkirk Ace Hardware
Eagle Electric 
Hill's Resort
As The Lake Churns
Sundance Community
Huckleberry Bay Company
Priest Lake Kaniksu - Coolin Lions Club
Priest River Glass

Tapping Grandmas 
Viewpoint Publishing, LLC
Sheri’s Home Interiors 
Priest Lake Search & Rescue Inc.
Heartland Payments Systems
West Priest Lake Cabin Owners Assoc.
Priest Lake Invitational Golf Tournament
The Property Shoppe
Sandpiper Shores Homeowners Assoc.
Smith - Barbieri Progressive Fund
Priest Lake Yacht Club
Huckleberry Bay Yoga Community
Lifestyle Real Estate
Idaho Forest Group
Storro Brothers Excavating
Coolin Motel

Ardy's Cafe
Burlington Northern - Santa Fe Railroad
Millie's Bar and Grill 

Priest Lake Cabin Owners Association

Thank You!

You saved "The Thorofare" and access to the Upper Lake,  for all 

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